Presentation of ERLIG GROUP

ERLIG-GROUP is a company that started its activity in 2013 with BONI-SERVICES created by Mr KUWONU AGBEKO KODJO BONIFACE before becoming ERLIG-GROUP SARLU in 2021 given the commercial commitments it makes abroad. It is in this moment that we have decided to become a Group in order to operate in several sectors of activity, namely:

-sale and rental of luxury cars
-Sale of luxury houses and apartments in Dubai, Paris, Spain, United States and Canada
-Accommodation (Hotelerie)
-Commercial trading
-General Trade
-Agricultural Project
-Petroleum Product
-Maritime and land logistics
-Search for Financing

ERLIG-GROUP is committed to better serving its customers in all its areas of intervention.

ERLIG-GROUP is an essential and reliable partner in the areas mentioned above.